An independent, not-for-profit organization serving persons of all ages, incomes and abilities in Fulton, Marshall, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.


Our Mission

“Promoting Independence, Choice and Access to Services

                for All Ages, Incomes, and Abilities”

As provided by Central Illinois Agency on Aging, Inc.’s Board, Council, and Staff believe in the independence and dignity of persons, and that each person should, to the extent possible, be empowered to exert control over her or his own life. The Agency believes that all persons should have access to needed services of quality, but targets funding for services for older persons with greatest economic and social need. The efforts of the Agency are based on the needs and priorities of older persons,  caregivers, and persons with disabilities as identified by them; the requirements of the State of Illinois and Federal Government; and the expert opinions of the Board, Council, and Staff.

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As an Agency, CIAA does planning, program development, coordination, and advocacy for services for persons of all ages, income, and abilities in our service area. To meet our mission, CIAA plans a comprehensive and coordinated network that contains a wide variety of services. CIAA funds several services and directly provides others, including: 

  • Developing access to needed services for persons of all ages, incomes, and abilities;
  • Improving the quality of services supported by the Older American Act, the Illinois Act on Aging, and other Agency agreements;
  • Stimulating community response and informal resources through local organizations;
  • Administering funds for services supported by the Older American Act, the Illinois Act on Aging, and other Agency funds, as well as developing new resources for these services;
  • Coordinating with providers of services supported by resources that do not come through the Agency; and 
  • Encouraging advocacy efforts to facilitate access and use of existing services and to develop other needed services.