Case Coordination Unit CIAA/Mature Solutions Community Care Program

Care Coordination Services are available for those who are over 60 years of age or older and need assistance in staying in the community.  If you or someone you take care of is experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks such as:  preparing meals, keeping the home clean, personal grooming, transportation to/from doctor appointments as well as medication issues, you may be in need of these services.    A care coordinator comes to your home to conduct a free comprehensive assessment to determine your needs, they will assist in developing a plan based on your needs.    Services may include those that are state and federally funded and those that can be privately paid for by the individual.  Some of these services include In-Home Services, Emergency Home Response System, Adult Day Services, Automated Medication Dispenser Services, and Home Delivered Meals.

If you feel you could benefit from these services, or know someone who could, contact. Central Illinois Agency on Aging. You will then be referred to one of the three Case Coordination Units within our six-county service area.  The CCU will designate a care coordinator who can assist in developing a plan and finding the help needed to remain home and live as independently as possible.

Case Coordination Units for Community Care Program Covering our six-county service area:

Case Coordination Units for Community Care Program Covering our six-county service area:

CIAA/Mature Solutions - County of Peoria, 309-633-0927

Autonomous Case Management (ACM) - City of Peoria, Tazewell County, Marshall, Stark, and Woodford Counties, 309-453-2736

Community Care Systems, Inc - Fulton County, 309-647-2222

For more information on any of the Care Management programs, please contact us via the contact form or the number listed below.