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Let Central Illinois Agency on Aging be your connection into the network of community services. We connect you by providing information about services and benefits available in our six-county area. Our staff of specialists are certified by the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems, and skilled in assisting you in locating community resources to meet your needs.

Veteran’s initiatives and inclusive programming opportunities


  • Assistance via referrals for opportunities for housing, transportation, employment options, and educational options through Goodwill, Benefits Access (free bus pass; decrease in license plate stickers for those that qualify financially), and other options.


Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) 


  • Provides information for reductions in monthly access service billing, and a one-time benefit for new purchases of equipment to ensure wireless access. This is a nationwide initiative and $3.2 billion has been allocated to fund this initiative across the United States).             


State Initiative


  • Social Isolation is a concerning condition that leads to serious health problems and potentially even death. It is caused by someone being so secluded in their home or safe environment for varying reasons (loss of a loved one, poor health or chronic disease, lack of transportation and lack of funds, mental anguish, anxiety, and fear contribute to social isolation) that it prevents them from socially interacting with others. Depression and some mental challenges encourage a deepening experience with social isolation, which in turn, makes their depression and potential mental challenges worsen. Social Isolation cannot usually be treated without professional guidance or intervention.


Local Initiative 


  • Bringing awareness to and participation in Dementia Friendly Communities. This is a program designed to encourage communities and consumers to be proactive in embracing a better life for those living with dementia and other forms of mental challenges to be able to be productive, participate in community activities, live without fear in their communities. Embracing improvements in community and social support, the security of one’s environment and daily routine, supportive health and cognitive support services are all important attributes for those living with dementia. Dementia Friendly Communities permits all to apply their efforts towards providing a better life for those living with dementia and other cognitive challenges.


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